Employment Opportunities

We are searching for full-time and part-time physical therapists to help build our CORE PT practice in beautiful southern Oregon

CORE Physical Therapy & Training is dedicated to its employee’s growth and development. With our unique facility and clinical practice, our physical therapists and office support staff are able to more fully meet their professional career goals. Our continuing education and mentor program allows therapists to learn and develop clinical skills and practice management.


  • Mentorship
    • Weekly patient discussion
    • Clinical observation hours
    • Becoming a Mentor
  • KEOMT Long Term Course – Growth Progression
    • OMT Practitioner
    • Assistant Instructor
    • National Instructor
    • International Instructor


  • Staff PT
  • Clinic Manager
  • Partner

 Our physical therapist will have unique access to the Kaltenborn-Evjenth Orthopedic Manual Therapy Long Term Course (KEOMT) with the ability to practice in an environment to fully implement the newly acquired treatment principles, exercise techniques and manual therapy skills learned with direct one on one mentorship. The KEOMT System is a biopsychosocial model in a practical, fully integrated, artho-neuro-muscluar patient care system. Therapists with this clinical foundation become confident in their ability to successfully treat anyone that walks into their practice, and immediately interact with their patient in a positive meaningful way toward healing. With this clinical foundation, therapists are better prepared to acquire additional knowledge and skills by diversifying their education in other educational systems and studies of interests.

With CORE’s distinctive clinical practice model, along with access to the KEOMT Long Term Course/mentorship, a physical therapist’s growth and development is greatly accelerated. Whether your career goals are becoming an expert clinician, managing your own clinic, and/or becoming a business partner, we can help you to achieve your full professional potential.

    Job Opportunities 

    Physical Therapist

    CORE Physical Therapy & Training in Medford, Oregon, has an open position for a qualified physical therapist. We are seeking candidates with a desire to more fully develop and expand their clinical practice skills while pursuing their professional goals. At CORE PT we believe in supporting our patients through treatment and beyond.

    Physical Therapist Position

    • Full-time 40-hour work week 
    • Flexible schedule
    • 45-minute one on one evaluation & treatment schedule
    • Manageable patient loads with emphasis on quality over quantity
    • Positive and supportive work environment
    • Mentorship from highly experienced physical therapists
    • Competitive wages and benefits
    • Great professional opportunities for new grad and/or experienced therapists

      CORE Physical Therapy & Training

      • Established August 2015
      • 2,000+ square foot facility
      • Spacious, well-equipped gym and treatment rooms
      • Orthopedic manual therapy and exercise-based practice
      • Client core training classes
      • Credentialing and contracting with insurance companies through Northwest Rehab Alliance
      • Asante authorized provider

      Southern Oregon

      • Outdoor paradise without the excessive rain predominant in other parts of the state. Skiing, watersports, mountain biking, rafting, fishing, hunting, camping and hiking opportunities are abundant in the nearby mountains and in the Rogue River valley.
      • Easy access to the beautiful Oregon and northern California wildernesses, national parks, and coastlines.

        Chris Foster, MPT, FAAOMPT, ATC, CSCS

        Chris is the owner and director of CORE Physical Therapy & Training. Chris completed an advanced long-term course, as well as a fellowship program in the Kaltenborn-Evjenth Concept of Orthopedic Manual Therapy (KEOMT) in Montgomery, Alabama. In June 2004, he successfully passed the Nordic Level II Certification Exam given by Olaf Evjenth of the KEOMT. He is a certified National KEOMT instructor and is developing and continuing education program in southern Oregon. He has been practicing physical therapy in southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley for over seventeen years. Chris’ goals are to provide excellent physical therapy for his patients in a caring and friendly environment, to provide core training classes for long-term wellness and vitality, and to develop a continuing education and mentor program for physical therapists.

        Contact Information

        Please send your cover letter and curriculum vitae to: chris@corepttraining.com (write “Physical Therapist position” in the email subject line) For more information, please contact Chris Foster at 541-324-4807